Enhance Your Style!

Enhance Your Style!

Accessorising isn't always easy when it comes to embellishing the perfect outfit; its important that you don't go overboard. Mastering this particular art doesn't have to be difficult, there are many ways an outfit can be transformed from ordinary to stylish by applying some minimalistic elements to the look. Sometimes, it just isn't as simple as putting on a necklace, pairing the correct items with your attire by colour coordinating and enhancing specific features of the look will flatter your outcome, making it one that others may be inspired by. 

Before we jump into the deep end, let's explore some easily applied ideas that can be adjusted to your fashion choice. A bag can be seen in multiple alternative styles and many of which can be found at YSM. Previously, it was revealed that Eastpak has recently dropped their collaborations with Raff Simmons and White Mountaineering which has made its way to our store. With numerous innovative designs, each product has a different pattern and structure. If you're looking for the perfect bag, then Eastpak has everything you could ever wish for, with both neutral and vibrant options. One of their most popular items is the Eastpak X White Mountaineering vest bag, crafted from 100% nylon, the bag can be worn in three ways and is decorated with cobra buckles; perfect for adding a new dimension to a basic outfit.

Eastpak Vest bag

Belts can change the whole compositions of an ensemble, by simply adjusting the waist and making it more fitted. However, they also have the power to change an outfit by offering a fresh component to the look. Off-White are continuously recognized for their innovative take on what was a plain industrial belt. With an urban finish, the vibrant safety-buckle accessory can brighten any fit with its variety of different colour choice. YSM offers both the infamous classic yellow belt, in addition to, a rubberized neon green version - which has proven to be a showstopper. No matter your preference, this belt ensures that it stands out from a boring black leather one. 

Off White yellow industrial beltOff white green Industrial belt

Socks are one clothing item that is fundamental to every closet, without socks, each outfit would be considerably more uncomfortable. Moreover, today socks are commonly featured in the final look as they add to the finished ensemble when presenting their detailing, which would normally be hidden away. Marcelo Burlon offers a large range of different socks, many of which can be found at YSM. For instance, the County Of Milan- Cruz short socks feature an embroidered ident on the top of each pair, ideal for when they make an appearance peaking through the tops on your sneakers. 

Marcelo Burlon Logo Socks

Knitted accessories can be used for a large portion of each year, especially when it comes to the weather here in Britain, as prominently it's cold and dreary! Scarfs are a perfect way to not only keep yourself warm but to stand out when put on top of a basic garment. Much like bags, they are available in many different colours and styles, allowing them to be worn on a different occasion, or in some cases, dress an outfit up or down. The new Off-White Bats scarf in black and red is soon to make an appearance at YSM for the Pre-fall 2019 season, embroidered with you guessed it- BATS! Perfect for the arrival of autumn, the Halloween inspired item has intricate wool detailing combining both their renowned emblem intertwined with the majestic creature in a complementary colour pallet. Not only is this a wardrobe essential but it is one that will never get outdated. 

Off White Bats Scarf

With many more designer products soon to be arriving at YSM both in-store and online, we will ensure that you can become a champ at accessorizing all your fits. Finally, don't forget to check out the summer sale to find some style steals ranging from up to 50% off. 

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