Palm x Palm by Palm Angels

Palm x Palm by Palm Angels

For the past four years, Palm Angels has continued to create innovative garments and make a mark on the streetwear fashion industry. Francesco Ragazzi, the creator, began the brand influenced by LA skate culture in 2015; when they released their debut fall/winter ready-to-wear collection. The skater chic brand has since grown and is now available in over 210 store worldwide, one being YSM. 

For their Pre-Fall 2019 collection, they released a new concept that is rarely done, a self collaboration. Palm X Palm Is a capsule collection that contains a number of designs with an orange and black silhouette palm tree graphic, along with the copyright typographic. Available in-store and online in the upcoming months, there will be both the 100% cotton hooded sweatshirt in white along with the relaxed fit short sleeved tee. Both with great attention to detail, the pieces are an easy alternative to a basic, adding a new element to a plain outfit. 

The Palm X Palm hoodie in white.

Next, the humorous yet twisted take on a childhood favourite was put upon a simplistic staple. ‘Kill The Bear’ is a unique part of the Pre-Fall range, adding a atypical aspect to the 2019 release. What could be a lovable teddybear graphic, has been made askew as the bear sits decapitated. Available in a black cotton hoodie or t-shirt, the garments are both loose fitting. This is an item that ensures to stand out for others and will make an amazing addition to your wardrobe.

Kill The Bear black t-shirt

Though YSM will be expecting many novel items, sometimes its nice to go back to basics. The tattoo-inspired Palm Angels emblem is one that is legendary. The logo is bold and intricate; which is reflective of the brand itself and their products. This season includes many designs featuring the infamous ident on diverse clothing items. One of which being the bandana track jacket, with a small embroidered logo on the left of the chest. Developed from 100% polyester,  the jacket features a monochrome motif with a full zip closure and white stripes down the sleeves. Coming to YSM soon, not only is it a modern piece but is perfect for the transitioning seasons. 

A black bandanna tack jacket

Cant wait till for the new launch? we feel you. Check out the already amazing items available from the Spring/Summer19 range today. In addition to, undeniable discounts on Palm Angels and many more of your favourite designer brand, available in the sale now!

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