Marcelo Burlon, County of Milan range

Marcelo Burlon, County of Milan range

Fashion designer, DJ, event organiser and creative director, Marcelo Burlon, launched his County of Milan range back in 2012, and spends most of his time jet setting around the globe.

Starting off with a line of t-shirts featuring bold, vibrant prints, County of Milan has rapidly turned into a collection of streetwear staples that scream energetic, innovative and contemporary.

Born in Patagonia, Argentina, Marcelo Burlon founded his clothing range in Italy where his ideas to combine his interests of music, photography and nightlife to form a clothing and accessories line for people craving a more diversified choice with fashion became a reality.

Putting a lavish spin on streetwear, Marcelo Burlon follows the ethos of ‘Think Local, Act Global’ and has created a clothing collection compiled of hoodies, t-shirts, beanie hats and sweatpants.

His printed garments are eye catching and colourful, with digital-inspired graphics and the County of Milan pixelated diamond logo covering the front of hoodies and t-shirts.

Whatever he does, there is one rule that Marcelo Burlon follows - to be original. His name is fast becoming one to continuously watch out for in the fashion world, and he shows no signs of slowing down any time yet.






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