Brand Profile - Palm Angels

Brand Profile - Palm Angels

Described as LA meets Milan, Palm Angels was founded by the art director of Moncler, Francesco Ragazzi, and puts Southern California skate culture as its main focus.

Before Ragazzi started the clothing line, he would often take photos of skaters on Venice Beach and Manhattan Beach, carefully capturing the style and techniques of the LA skate scene.

These photos were eventually formed into a coffee table book back in 2014 emphasising the specific movement of skaters, which is when the idea for Palm Angels was born.

Aiming to encourage people to push the boundaries against traditional norms, Ragazzi decided to use his photographic work as inspiration to create his own fashion label featuring streetwear and sportswear with an everyday twist.

A unique collection, Palm Angels is made up of urban-infused skating essentials such as hoodies, over-sized t-shirts and joggers, and all garments include the famous Palm Angels logo.

With its laid-back vibe and formation of luxury with streetwear, Palm Angels has since been featured in fashion exhibitions and shows across the world and is now considered to be a part of mainline fashion today.

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